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There are no one-stop-shop books like Bill's that offer user-friendly skills to help you have effective conversations in your family, workplace, and society,

including about:

  • Cost of Living 

  • Work Security

  • Family/Work Pressures

  • Education

  • Diversity/Inclusion

  • Physical/Mental Health

  • Climate Change

The Book

The Workbook

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In the Book, I offer skills, with personal stories, case studies, and exercises, ‘for parents, leaders or anyone who wants to be their “relationshipping” best’ (Chris Pye, Relationship Coach).

In feedback from readers of the Book, I realised a workbook focusing on self-coaching questions, exercises, and case studies for parents, leaders, teachers, and coaches would be a useful follow-up.

The self-coaching questions, exercises, and case studies in the Workbook are also useful for coaching others and for facilitating groups, whether around the dinner table or in workshops and work teams.

The Book is written as a journey through aspects of our conversations, providing personal stories and case studies as contexts for application of the conversation skills that I offer. Those that learn through stories will find it useful background for the Workbook, though you do not have to have read the Book to use the Workbook.


The skills, self-coaching questions, and exercises in the Workbook:

  • are drawn from my experience in parenting four children; practising as a lawyer, corporate leader and coach; and post-graduate studies and experience in counselling and coaching

  • will develop your resilience, conflict management, curiosity, self-awareness, vulnerability, respect, empathy, and trust

  • will enable you to model and discuss these practices within your family and workplace, prompting your family and team members to grow their skills.

It's never been a better time for a one-stop-shop book for redesigning your conversations in your family, workplace, and society.

Welcome, Let's Redesign Conversations

Discover why Bill decided to write the Book

Zoom Book Launch 27 April 2022

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Having a conversation with someone who’s literally written the book on conversations should be daunting, shouldn’t it?

Bill Ash’s professional experience is nothing short of impressive, from globetrotting corporate lawyer to highly respected counsellor/coach and now author of “Redesigning Conversations."

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The Taos Institute is a virtual global body of scholars and practitioners concerned with relational practices 


Drawing by Steve Bachmayer

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