Redesigning Conversations:

A Guide to Communicating Effectively in the Family, Workplace, and Society


Zoom Book Launch: Wednesday 27th of April at 6pm(QLD time) - facilitated by Queensland writer, Katherine Lyall-Watson

This book is about finding the extraordinary in everything you think, say, and do. 

Bill offers skills with personal stories, case studies, and exercises, empowering you to notice how you engage in conversations and redesign them, invoking in you the WOW factor—those lightbulb moments that serve as tipping points in your family, workplace, and society.


These skills will develop your resilience, conflict management, curiosity, self-awareness, vulnerability, respect, empathy, and trust.

They will enable you to model these practices within your family and workplace, prompting your family and team members to grow their skills. 

There is no one-stop-shop book like Bill's that offers user-friendly skills with personal stories, case studies, and exercises to help you have effective conversations in your family, workplace, and society. 

This book provides skills for all aspects of your life, whoever and wherever you are: Welcome to noticing and redesigning your conversations, and growing and enriching your relationships. 


Drawing by Steve Bachmayer